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Dear Parents and Carers,


Please help us to keep your child and our staff safe by following the guidelines below:


  • The safest place for your child is at home if at all possible!
  • If anyone in your household has a temperature, a cough or any symptoms please stay at home for 14 days.
  • Please check your child’s temperature before you bring them to school and if it is above 37.5 then please stay at home.
  • If you do not need full time care please stay at home.
  • Talk to your child about staying away from others.  Not hugging, or going within 2 metres of their friends.
  • We will be ensuring that no more than 8 children are in the same room and that all lunches and breaks will be taken separately.
  • Please ensure you pick your child up promptly at 3.15pm. This allows out staff to leave before the cleaning team arrive to do a deep clean.

Reminder – we are opening our doors to care for the children of our most vital Key Workers who have no other option. We will not be providing education.  If there is any safe way you can care for your child at home then please do so.

If we all take this seriously then we will reduce the risks and impact on our health service.


Many thanks for your support

Western House Academy