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Opening Times


From 8th MARCH 2021

Back gate (Mon, Wed, Thurs & Fri)            Back gate (Tuesday only)

Reception – 8:30am to 2:40pm                   Reception – 8:30am to 2:40pm

Year 1 – 8:40am to 3:00pm                          Year 1 – 8:40am to 3:30pm

Year 6 – 9:00am to 3:30pm                          Year 6 – 9:00am to 4:30pm 

Year 5 – 8:50am to 3:15pm                          Year 5 – 8:50am to 4:15pm


Front gate (Mon, Wed, Thurs & Fri)           Front gate (Tuesday only)

Year 4 – 8:50am to 3:15pm                          Year 4 – 8:50am to 4:15pm 

Year 2 – 8:30am to 2:40pm                          Year 2 – 8:30am to 3:30pm 

Year 3 – 8:40am to 3:00pm                          Year 3 – 8:40am to 4:00pm


Nursery timings as usual. AM 8.30-11.30am and PM 12.30 – 3.30pm



Back Gate:

Reception - unchanged (8:30am start / 2:30pm finish)

Year 1 - Mon, Wed, Thurs & Fri  8:40am start / 2:50pm finish (Tuesday only: 3:30pm)

Year 5 - Mon, Wed, Thurs & Fri  8:50am start/ 3:00pm finish (Tuesday finish 4:00pm)

Year 6 - Mon, Wed, Thurs & Fri  9:00am start/ 3:10pm finish (Tuesday finish 4:15pm)

Front Gate:

Year 2 - Unchanged 8:30am start / 2:40pm finish (Tuesday only: 3:30pm)

Year 3 - Mon, Wed, Thurs & Fri - 8:40am start / 2:55pm finish (Tuesday only: 4:00pm)

Year 4 - Mon, Wed, Thurs & Fri - 8:50am start / 3:10pm finish (Tuesday only: 4:15pm)



8:30am/12:30pm sessions begin

11:30am/3:30pm sessions end







School Start Time


Please note this Start Time does not apply from Spring 2020 till further notice:

The school day for children begins with a 'soft start' at 8.45am. This will give the children 10 minutes reading time before the school day begins at 8.55am. If your child has additional SEND or one-to-one support, please discuss their start time arrangements with the class teacher. Children arriving after 9am will be marked late in the register.

School Term Dates

Term Starts On

Tuesday 1st September 2020

(Children return to school Thursday 3rd September 2020)

Term Ends On Friday 23rd October 2020
** Staff Development Days Tuesday 1st and Wednesday 2nd September 2020
Half Term Monday 26th to Friday 30th October 2020
Term Starts On

Monday 2nd November 2020

Term Ends On Friday 18th December 2020
Christmas Holidays Monday 21st December 2020 to Friday 1st January 2021
Term Starts On

Monday 4th January 2021

(Children return on Tuesday 5th January)

Term Ends On Friday 12th February 2021
** Staff Development Days Monday 4th January 2021
Half Term Monday 15th to Friday 19th February 2021
Term Starts on

Monday 22nd February 2021

Children return to school

Term Ends On Thursday 1st April 2021
Spring Holiday Friday 2nd April to Friday 16th April 2021
(Good Friday – 2nd April 2021; Easter Monday – 5th April 2021)
Term Starts On Monday 19th April 2021
**Bank Holiday

Monday 3rd May 2021

School closed to pupils

Term Ends On

Friday 28th May 2021

(Children finish on Thursday 27th May)

** Staff Development Day Friday 28th May 2021
Half Term Monday 31st May to Friday 4th June 2021
** Staff Development Day Monday 7th June 2021
Term Starts On

Monday 7th June 2021

(Children return to school Tuesday 8th June)

Term Ends On Wednesday 21st July 2021
Term starts on

Wednesday 1st September 2021

(Children return to school Friday 3rd September 2021)

Term ends on Friday 22nd October 2021
** Staff Development Days Wednesday 1st September and Thursday 2nd September 2021
Half Term Monday 25th October to Friday 29th October 2021
Term starts on

Monday 1st November 2021

Children return to school

Term ends on Friday 17th December 2021
Christmas Holidays

Monday 20th December 2021 to Monday 3rd January 2022

Term starts on

Tuesday 4th January 2022

(Children return to school Thursday 6th January 2022)

Term ends on Friday 18th February 2022
** Staff Development Days Tuesday 4th and Wednesday 5th January 2022
Half Term Monday 21st February to Friday 25th February 2022
Term starts on

Monday 28th February 2022

Children return to school

Term ends on Friday 8th April 2022
Spring Holiday

Monday 11th April to Friday 22nd April 2022

(Good Friday - 15th April 2022; Easter Monday - 18th April 2022)

Term starts on

Monday 25th April 2022

Children return to school

Term ends on

Friday 27th May 2022

(Children finish on Thursday 26th May 2022)

**Bank Holiday

Monday 2nd May 2022

School is closed for pupils

** Staff Development Days Friday 27th May 2022
Half term Monday 30th May to Friday 3rd June 2022
Term starts on

Monday 6th June 2022

Children return to school

Term ends on  Thursday 21st July 2022

** The school is closed for pupils on these days.
Please note: Staff Development Days are subject to change.