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December 2021

In Nursery we developed the children’s understanding of
healthy/unhealthy food choices. We talked about why we eat fruit every
day at ‘Snack Time’ and not sweets or crisps. We asked the children
which drinks are healthy. They showed understanding that milk and
water are healthy and that is why we drink them every day. We then
talked about our party food we had he day before and how foods such
as chocolate cake and crisps are a treat. The children began to
develop their understanding that healthy food choices will make them
healthier, have more energy for fun activities like playing and coming to
nursery every day. Everybody agreed when we are having fun playing
with our friends – we feel better and this makes us smile and laugh
more! We feel happy and warm inside.
We then did some of our Nursery yoga and Christmas exercise and the
children said this makes them smile. We talked about the importance of
exercise every day and playing in our garden.
The children made very yummy Santa fruit salads out of strawberries,
grapes and bananas – tasty!