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Year 2

June 2022


Our wellbeing day this month had a Geography focus! We explored our field using compasses to direct us! We used vocabulary such as “north”, “south”, “east” and “west” to find out where to go. We also had lots of fun with Mr Robinson, Mrs Thomson and Madame Elliot!

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March 2022

For our Science themed wellbeing day, Year 2 enjoyed a carousel of activities.


In class 1, children embarked on an adventure to Mars. They learnt all about the planet and then used this knowledge to create little creatures that they think would be able to survive on Mars due to special features like webbed feet!


In class 2 children investigated the environmental impact burgers have. They explored the journey that ingredients have to take before they arrive to the United Kingdom. This led us to look at carbon footprints and the impact this has on our planet. With the knowledge they learnt the children had fun naming and creating their own Plant-Friendly Burger.  


In class 3, children investigated whether body parts grow as we get older. The children looked at a variety of hand sizes of children aged 4 to 11. They had to decide whether the hand sizes were extra small, small, medium or large. These results were plotted on a scatter graph and children found that the hand sizes increased in size as the age increased of the children. The children then thought about the following questions: "Do older pupils have bigger feet?" "Do older pupils have longer arms?" "Do older pupils have a larger head circumference?" 


It was lovely seeing children demonstrate all of the school values – especially curiosity and teamwork!


February 2022

Year 2 started the day by exploring different Maths activities. Children showed great resilience and positivity whilst completing this. We then focused on how we to deal with our emotions. Children suggested that it is important to talk to others as this would help them deal with their thoughts and feelings.

January 2022

Year 2 started their day by discussing what the environment means to them. We then learnt about the things that harm our planet, such as fossil fuels. We investigated what we could use as an alternative to fossil fuels. Children used this information to create posters to inform others.


December 2021

During the morning, children discussed what they had learnt from anti-bullying week and the importance of being kind. Children then painted stones with kind and positive messages. The stones will be placed near the entrance of the school for all to see!

In the afternoon, the children enjoyed Christmas meditation with Madame Elliot, a scavenger hunt with Mrs Thompson and yoga with Mr Robinson.