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During our topic of ‘Past, Present, Future’ the children learnt about the effects of climate change and its impact on different areas of the world. Year 6 were shocked at what they had discovered and were inspired to discuss matters further with Slough’s local MP – Mr Tan Dhesi. Tan Dhesi spoke to the children virtually regarding their important questions about climate change. These included:

  • What is the main cause of pollution in Slough?
  • What do you plan on implementing to help the community in Slough?
  • What is your opinion of the amount of factories in Slough?
  • What habits are you trying to do that are eco-friendly? Do you have an electric car?
  • How do you plan on expanding the recycling system as stated in Slough Borough Council Report?
  • Do you think your plans in 20-30 years will be successful? 


“The meeting with Mr Dhesi was very informative and was a great learning curve for me. He eased my concerns about climate change by explaining exactly what Slough is doing to tackle these issues. It also made me feel very proud of Slough itself.” Aryaman, Year 6


“The experience I had with Tan Dhesi was amazing for me, and the whole of Year 6, however I was nervous and intrigued by what he said at the same time. We asked him many questions and were impressed with his thoroughly explained responses. After Mr Dhesi acknowledged our questions and proposals, I am positive he will consider putting them forward.” Jia, Year 6.


“The meeting with Mr Dhesi was very interesting because he answered all of our questions in detail. It was also an exciting experience because we were able to see him virtually.” Letisha, Year 6.


The children learnt a vast amount from the virtual experience and were inspired to write formal, persuasive letters to Tan Dhesi, and also Greg Hands, Minister of State for Business, Energy and Clean Growth. They are hoping for a response from these people of importance very soon.