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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!


Year 3 is an exciting year for the children! They will continue to dive into our amazing curriculum through their love of curiosity. The team consists of Miss Khehar (3 Jurassic Coast and Year Team Leader), Mrs Lux (3 Giant’s Causeway) and Miss Majid (3 Snowdonia). The HTLA for the year group is Mrs Madigan and our Key workers are Miss Stubbs, Miss Arif and Mrs Annesley. 


Over the course of the year, children will be immersing themselves into exciting topics during PBL and Science lessons. They will be learning about ‘Lights Camera and Action’, ‘Extreme Earth’, ‘Light’, ‘The Stone Age’ and ‘The Secret Garden’. Children will also be visiting the Science Museum to help them build on their learning. In Maths, Year 3 are following The White Rose scheme which helps children to solve problems in lots of different practical ways. By the end of the year children will be able to justify and explain their reasoning using pictorial and concrete materials. During the Spring Term, the children will be partaking in swimming lessons, what a fantastic opportunity! We are so excited to have the children with us and share in the great experiences ahead of us!