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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!


Year 3 is an exciting year group with a vibrant group of enthusiastic teachers who collectively have a wide range of expertise and bring a fresh outlook to teaching. The team consists of the following staff:


Mrs Parmley     (Vice Principal Year 1, 2 and 3)

Mrs Mangat      (Year Tem Leader and 3 Jurassic Coast class teacher)

Mrs Panwar      (3 Stonehenge class teacher)

Mr Barclay        (3 Lochness class teacher)

Mrs Tantry         (High Level Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Flannigan   (Key worker and 1:1 support)

Mrs Groom        (Key worker)


Over the course of the year, children will be immersing themselves into
exciting topics during PBL (Project Based Learning). They will be learning about ‘The Great British Build off, ‘Extreme Earth’, ‘Light’, ‘The Stone Age’ and ‘The Secret Garden’.  Throughout these topics, children will be exploring a range of skills and objectives in history, geography, art and DT which will encourage them to explore, investigate and broaden their views and understanding. The first topic has especially been chosen to enthuse the children, build creative skill along with critical thinking, analysing and building resilience.

To develop comprehension skills, we will be using Accelerated Reader where the children take a computerised tests. The computer program generates a zone of proximal development level (ZPD) which is appropriate to their level and they then read books within that level. After reading every book they have to take a comprehension test related to the book. Every half team they take a Star reading test which gives them an up to date ZPD. We also use the program MyOn where the children can read books on line and they have access to this from home. We will be using our class reading texts and models for writing to expose the children to high quality creative writing skills.


During the course of the year, we will also be teaching times tables to get them ready for the national times table test in Year 4. To help support children with the learning of times tables, we encourage them to use Times Table Rock Stars which is fun and educational along with rote chanting.

This year, we will be visiting the cinema by train which is one of the 10 for 10 experiences which Western House Academy offers every child before they graduate from the school.


We believe that learning is a journey full of ups and downs. Our aim is to build resilience, equip the children with strategies to overcome every hurdle and aim high. We look forward to working in collaboration with you to support the learning of our children.


Year 3 Team