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All the testimonials below were written by the children in Year 6:


Dear Mrs. Snowden,

I thank and appreciate you for the opportunity to learn at WHA and the education you have given me.

I have had an amazing time at WHA and every year has been better than the last.  The time I have spent at WHA has been amazing - I have been absolutely flabbergasted at how much I’ve learnt and improved over the years.  I am truly happy and satisfied that I am prepared for secondary school and beyond.  The values that underpin the school will undoubtedly make me a better citizen of the future.

Yours sincerely,



Dear Mrs. Snowden,

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to express my true colours being a head pupil.  A big THANKS (yes, very big!) to all the teachers, past and present, for leading me to this point across the last seven years.


The time I have spent at WHA has been sensational: having countless leadership roles; being able to freely share my opinions; being taught vital values, and flourishing in all subjects.  I have felt welcomed since my very first day in Reception (when I cried).  I have loved every second of WHA and I hope that my relationship with the school will never end.  I will definitely be coming to visit soon!

I cannot thank you enough.

Yours sincerely,



Dear Mrs. Snowden,

Though my time at WHA is coming to an end, I have had many fun memories at this school; so thank you for allowing me to join this spectacular school.  I have learnt many things here and as a direct result, I am now prepared for secondary school!

I have been at this school for seven years and one thing that will always stay with me is the values.  The values are a great inspiration and are easier to follow and learn from than rules.

I have had many great teachers in this school; all kind and supportive.  All of the other staff are great as well; they will always help you.

So, thank you, Mrs. Snowden, and goodbye WHA!

Yours sincerely,



Dear Mrs. Snowden,

Thank you for giving me the opportunity of studying at WHA.  You are the best principal the school could ever have.  Thank you for expanding my knowledge and giving me the role of prefect.  Unfortunately, I have to go to year 7 and I will miss you greatly.


Yours sincerely,



Dear Mrs. Snowden,

What I like about this school: it’s like a little village with lots of children and a lovely setting.  I also like how there is a lot of things to do and so much to learn and that all of the staff are kind and supportive too.  The values of the school are going to help me all the way through my life.  I am also going to miss the school because of the wonderful memories and friends I have made - there is truly no other like this.


Thank you,



Dear Mrs. Snowden, 

I have had so much fun at WHA.  I have only been here for six months, but I have learnt so much!


I love how good the teaching is while maintaining a good balance with fun.  The first half of the year was really hard work, as we were preparing for SATs and completing all the learning for Year 6 (and all we missed because of Covid-19).  But, we have also had the opportunity to have loads of fun:trips, discos, mufti days and so much more.


The learning journey at WHA has been wonderful.  I will never forget this school or you and the rest of the staff.


Yours sincerely,