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Year 3

Our topic for Spring 2 was 'Ancient Egyptians'. We had lots of fun exploring and learning about life in Egypt. Here are some of the things we learned whilst completing our Project Passports:


'I learned that they put a death mask on mummies before they go in a coffin in the tomb. Ancient Egyptians wore black eye paint.'


'I learnt that by doing my project passport, mummies are the colour blue and yellow.'


'I learnt that hieroglyphics is the language of the Egyptians.'


'I learnt that there was a queen in Egypt called Cleopatra.'


'What I've learned about Ancient Egypt is that Pharaohs were like the kings of Egypt.'


'I learnt, from my project passport, that people didn't live as easily as we do.'


'I made my mask by putting black paint on it. I cut the paper and stuck it with tape.