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Email to school office received 16/7/2020


Hello Mrs Snowden and the team at WHA

I wanted to say a huge thank you to you and all your team at WHA, for supporting us through the pandemic. All the helpful material on home learning was amazing and showed just how much effort went into it. Thank you.

I've reviewed the FAQ on returning to schools in September. You have all done a remarkable job at keeping our children safe, i really want to thank you for all your efforts. You are all doing an amazing job and i hope you all have a well deserved summer break.

See you all in September :)

Thank you so much
Stay safe
(Mum to daughter in Year 3 and son in Nursery)


Email to Mrs Snowden received 15/7/2020


We’ve seen Xxxxx grow from Nursery through to Year 6 in more than just knowledge, but also self confidence and making lots of friends along the way.  Her love for music has been encouraged by Mr Robinson throughout each year, especially learning to play various instruments, which will hopefully continue into secondary school.  She will really miss WHA!


Thank you



Email to Mrs Snowden received 15/7/2020


Thankyou so much. 


Xxxxx has enjoyed being at Western House so much, I can hardley believe this is her last week. 


Thankyou, and all your staff so much. We all have the best memories of my two being at Western House. Great school, great staff and I wish you all the best in the future, and stay safe. 

Lots of love

Xxxxx :) xx


Email to Mrs Snowden received 14/7/2020


Dear Mrs Snowden,


Thank you for Xxxxxx’s final Western House report. I have to admit I was emotional reading it! I can not quite believe he’s off to secondary school already! 


As you said this last term was not what we had hoped for as a final year. All the plans that would of been made, but sadly had to be forgotten! 


I would just like to take this time and thank yourself and all of Western Houses teaching and support staff. What a fantastic support you all are! 


It was down to yourself that helped us get the result in finding out about Xxxxxx’s dyscalculia and struggles with Maths. Without that support I’m sure it would of taken longer!


I’m sure when it came to children returning to school after the closure, many parents had their worries and concerns- my husband being one. But I knew that there would be no way they would be returning if it wasn’t safe to do so, yourself and staff would make sure of that. I had full confidence in them returning. 


Xxxxxx and Xxxxxx had no issues on returning, no fuss the process being made easy for them to understand and deal with. 


I look forward to Xxxxxx and Xxxxxx returning in September and support the extended school day, giving them the chance to catch up on missed time!


Kind regards

Xxxxxx Xxxxxx


Email to Mrs Snowden received 4th June 2020




Just to follow on from our conversation this morning, xxxxxxx had a great first day back at school yesterday and was excited to come back in today. She came home yesterday excited to tell us about her day and how much fun she had had and how good it was to be back. 


It is a great testament to the school and to the Year 1 team, Mrs Sharma especially in xxxxxxx's case, that she came home so happy, with no signs of being worried or unsure with the changes that had been made the the classrooms and play times.  She was able to explain why some of the changes had been made and confident about following and telling us the new rules.


Other parents I spoke to this morning and yesterday have also said what a positive experience their children had yesterday too.


Thank you to you and all of the staff for everything they have done to make what could have been a worrying time for xxxxxxx such a positive and calm experience.


Kind regards,

xxxxxxx xxxxxxx


Email to Mrs Snowden received 4th June 2020


Good Morning,


xxxxxxx and xxxxxxx have both loved being back at school and I just wanted to say a quick thank you.  From my point of view the arrangements are working well.  I’m sure it’s a duck situation, all calm on the surface, but the legs are paddling furiously to make it all work.   


xxxxxxx was a little bit apprehensive before coming back as she can get a little anxious about new ways of doing things and can get worried that she’s going to do something wrong.  But after the first day it was all forgotten and she couldn’t wait to get back there the next day.  Miss Edwards has said xxxxxxx has been very talkative in class which is lovely to hear, because she never stops at home! 


xxxxxxx is also loving being back at school.  She probably doesn't say it when she’s there but the first thing she asks in the morning’s is ‘is it school today?’.  I’m also getting some information from her about what she’s done at school during the day, which is more than I used to get.  Well I am if she’s having cheese sandwiches for lunch and has played outside with balls and a bucket. But she usually just tells me she’s done maths and English at school as she knows it sounds about right.


Thank you very much.


xxxxxxx xxxxxxx (parent of Reception and Year 1 child)


Email to Mrs Snowden received 2nd March 2020


My daughter attended a pre-school before starting at Western House and I was a little anxious about her starting a school where she didn’t know any of the other children. From the initial home visit all my concerns disappeared. The teacher was so friendly and really listened to myself and my daughter and made us both feel so at ease.


All the teachers, parents and children have been so friendly and welcoming. Both academically and socially my daughter has made huge strides and I am so glad that I made the right choice in choosing Western House.


xxxxx, parent of xxxxx in Reception Tigger


Email to Mrs Snowden received 2nd March 2020


Dear Mrs Snowden ,

I just wanted to share some great success with yourself and congratulate you on your new play ground, “I want to play in this playground too“!! My children love the new playground and feel very privileged and lucky!
You  may remember me 2 years ago, off chance I visited your school as we were looking around at different nurseries  as my children were in a nursery in Buckhamshire and I wanted them locally . I was greeted by your reception team who then made me an appointment instantly without hesitation to visit your school nursery.
I then came in to visit and the first member of staff I saw was yourself ,you instantly engaged one of my children  (xxxxxxx) who  was with me  at the time .I felt at ease as a parent and reassured that  the leader of the school has “ children “ at her heart.
 We were shown around and both myself and xxxxxxx were impressed. Miss Savage and her team made us feel very welcome and were  very helpful. We were given an instant start date as there were spaces in your nursery . My twins started with your nursery quickly within one week without any problems . Both myself and my husband were so impressed with how professionally everything was handled from reception to nursery.  The team at nursery were fantastic at the transition between the old nursery to this new one, they supported the twins into settling in quickly and the process was smooth.
We then had to make a decision as to which school the twins will go to  , I did not realise this was such a difficult task ! My husband was thinking of choosing a different school , however my instinct told me this was the right one for them. We choose Western House Academy as our first choice , and we got accepted . This September xxxxxxx and xxxxxxx started your school , your Reception supported them very much so in settling in. Being twins they found the change of being in separate classes challenging, however with Mrs McLaughlin , Miss Reid , Miss Edwards support they are finally settled down into their classes beautifully .  They love Western House Academy.
Thank you to everyone for your continued help and support . A big Thank you to yourself too for engaging us in the first instance . Please continue to support them through their and of course every parents journey  together as a community .

Best Regards ,
xxxxxxx xxxxxxx


Email to School Office received 6th November 2019


Fantastic letter [from Mrs Snowden 6/11/19] and swift action taken by the school in what was quite a horrific incident. Thank you for addressing the children today.



xxxxxxxx (parent of Year 6 child)