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At Western House Academy, we follow the White Rose Maths scheme of learning. This is a Mastery approach to maths and ensures that children are tackling problem solving in a multitude of different ways. Children are reminded of their prior learning and these skills are then added to. Questioning is a fundamental part of each lesson as we believe they encourage discussion and aid learning.


When teaching maths, every child's ability is taken into consideration and resources provided so children can work independently. Formative assessment is carried out regularly to ensure that any gaps in learning is addressed promptly. Maths is taught in an engaging way allowing children to use and apply what they have learnt to everyday situations. 


In lessons, children are encouraged to discuss their thoughts towards problem solving and they are expected to justify their answers – this can be carried out in a number of different ways through written explanations, diagrams or pictures. By doing this, teachers are able to extend more able children during the lesson.


Children are exposed to arithmetic questions in separate sessions throughout the week. This is to ensure that the four operations are worked on so that when they are needed in the maths lessons, children can apply these to their work. There has been great progress in these area of maths in the past couple of years and we are proud to say that it is integral to our maths curriculum.



Times tables practise is so important within the maths curriculum. The government expect children by the end of Year 4 to know the tables up to the 12 times tables. There are many website that can assist children with the learning of the tables but children should be exposed to a variety of different ways in order to master them. This document works on multiplication grids. Please look carefully at the grid and if you have the ability to print it then please do so. To master these grids, the individual should look at the numbers on either side of the grid and write the answer where they would meet.