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Email to Vice Principal Received June 2020


An enormous thank you for everything you have done to support me over my time in primary school. Thank you for the amazing teaching that you gave me every day without fail in my years. Thank you for your continued support at keeping me a happy and humbled individual throughout my childhood. You are all truly amazing people and I am proud to say that I will he progressing on to further education in public services and then I will be following on into the police where I have thrived to be. 


And a special thank you to Mrs xxxxxxxx for keeping me especially happy. School days were always better with you around and I will never forget you. I still also have the very special pen that you had given me as a gift coming up to my final days in primary school. 


Once again thank you.

xxxxxxx (Past pupil 2007 - 2015)

Email to Head Teacher 1st November 2019


Dear Mrs Snowden,


Thank you for giving me an opportunity to express my emotions towards the wonderful school. I am happy to share it with everyone through the website.


The experience I had in WHA was outstanding. The learning journey at WHA has taught me how to overcome barriers in life and succeed. The teachers and other staff have always been encouraging and supportive. The teaching at WHA has made me strong in my academics and other curricular activities like sports, music, art and French. It has also provided me a platform to showcase my talent and learning. I am thankful and lucky to have been a part of WHA. It has taught me values of life and ready to succeed. 

Good luck WHA. Keep excelling!


Yours sincerely,

xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx (former pupil)

Email to Headteacher received 20 October 2019


Dear Mrs Snowden,


It is really nice to hear from you after so long, and yes I am enjoying secondary school life. I am really honoured that you have asked me to share my experiences and achievements from my time at Western House - I have so many brilliant memories!


I would like to start by saying thank you to you for being such a fun and kind Year 1 teacher - I have lots of great memories of Phonics – which you taught in such a fun way - I still love reading today!


The values that were a part of our school life at Western House have really helped  develop my confidence and helped me to establish the right attitude for so many different areas of my life at Herschel - from developing sensible friendships and being super organised! Being at Western House  we all clearly understood from early on that the expectations were really high and because of this I am now always (most of the time!) striving to do my very best – and not just in my schoolwork but also in sports - I still love football!


I think the values of WHA have also helped me to become a better and more balanced student. Especially the extra-curricular activities that were on offer, such as the choir (Run by Mr Robinson) and the sports clubs and competitions showed many of the values such as teamwork and positivity. Personally, for me, positivity is a really, really important value, as it is so easy in secondary school to feel overwhelmed and not good enough, so having that value as a part of my primary school experience, means I am probably a little bit kinder to myself! Thank you!


The value of Friendship was really useful too, as I hardly knew anyone at my new school, so I felt a quite lost. I learnt at Western House that friends are special and have to be treated with respect and kindness – just the way I want to be treated in my new school. 


Thank you Mrs Snowden to you and all the lovely teachers and staff at WHA, I always love to come back and meet everyone.  I hope my testimony helps and I am happy for it to be used on the school Website.


Kind Regards


xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx (former pupil)

Email to Head Teacher - Received 8 Oct 2019


Dear Mrs Snowden,


I am a proud student of Western House Academy. During my 7 years at WHA I have made fond memories and learnt valuable skills that have helped me immensely during my secondary school transition. 

The school has a warm and friendly atmosphere where every child is valued equally. 

Children are encouraged to explore their interests through a number of workshops, activities and school trips. There is always something fun happening around the school! Western House Academy does not have rules but 'values' to help the children grow. These values have enabled me to be a better version of myself and helped me gain confidence academically and socially.

I will always be thankful to my teachers and specialist teachers who taught with great love and patience. They were always there to guide me whenever I needed any help. 


No matter where life takes me in the future, I will always cherish my time at Western House Academy.


Best regards,

xxxxxx xxxxxx (former pupil)

Email to Head Teacher - Received 5 Oct 2019


Hi Mrs Snowden


Western House is a fabulous school, with so many amazing teachers that have helped me along the way.

The new motto “Where every opportunity shapes a life” is the truth, and they gave me many experiences and chances to shine. Mrs Snowden and all the staff, make you feel welcome and part of family. In particular my PE teacher Mrs Thompson, taught me to play many sports, encouraged me to join the school teams and together we won many trophies for the school. This taught me to believe in myself and how to be part of a team and win! Where I did not believe I could win Cross Country, she did.


Mrs Snowden and the leadership team supported me throughout my school career, encouraging me and giving me confidence to become Deputy Head Girl, and be able to stand up and talk in front of the school. Western House support us through SATS and the 11 Plus to ensure we did our best.


Through the 8 years of Western House, we had loads fun and many memorable moments for example the Dinosaur Museum (and making a giant T Rex), science experiments, Christmas songs/talent shows and being able to show my parents what we have learnt whether through line dancing, stories or poems. This included being an Albino Zombie Dancer in the Greatest Showman. The childhood promises were memories of a life time, from going to the theatre, Legoland or being a witch for the day at the Harry Potter studios.


Carry on Western House Academy and be the best school ever. Thankyou for my time with you. I will visit often!


xxxxxxx xxxxxxx, Deputy Head Girl, Sports Leader,  Sports Woman of the Year and Cross Country Champion.