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Email received by principal 8.3.2021


Dear Mrs Snowden,

Just wanted to say what a lovely welcome back with the balloons this morning.

Thank you and all your staff for all there hard work over the last few months. Everyone has worked so hard.

Best wishes


Email from a Year 3 parent - received 11.03.21


I also wanted to take this opportunity to say how amazing Miss Edwards has been.  She is so helpful and supportive and has really made xxxxx transition back into school smooth and stress free.  As I’ve previously mentioned to Miss Edwards, we had seen an increase in xxxx  tics and anxiety levels in the lead up to returning, however, now that xxx is in school they seem to have calmed down.  Although xxxx may be suppressing them to some extent, I think it is mostly down to the positive experience and reassurance xxxx has had from the staff.  As such, I’d also like to thank Mrs Achour, as I know she has played a big part too.  

 In addition, the fact that Miss Majid has taken the time to check in on xxxxx well-being is above anything I was expecting, so again, thank you. 

 All in all, with the wonderful welcome Monday morning with the balloons, music and party atmosphere, you have all made a week we were dreading something to be celebrated instead.

Email received to the Principal from a Year 1 parent - received 10.3.21

Hi just wanted to say you all do an amazing job all year around and have been brilliant throughout the Pandemic. The  Welcome back on Monday with balloons and music was a fantastic idea to help the kids gets back. My friends were impressed to

Email received from a parent - received 9.3.21


Dear All WHA Team Members
I have 2 children that go to WHA, Year 4 and Reception. We were amazed with how much effort the school had made with the balloons, the welcome sign and the uplifting music being played on the playground too this morning. The atmosphere was so lovely.
Thank you all so much for all that you do, your efforts are hugely appreciated.

Stay safe

Email from a Year 1 parent - Received Year 1 Team Mon 1st Feb 2021



We sometimes get so caught up with the busy life at home that we forget to give you all feedback when things are going well. Human nature to always report when something is not going well.

But the way the home learning has been structured during this 2nd lockdown has been great. The easy to follow pre recorded lessons are amazing as opposed to live zoom lessons some schools do as it allows us to go through the lesson at our pace, pause and explain further anything we need to and we can balance our work and home learning accordingly.

I have enjoyed following the lessons myself as they have given me a great insight into exactly what and how the children are taught at school.

The amount of work being set is just right. Couple of lighter days that allow the children to choose something to do or work on their project passport is great.

The amount of time and effort you all put into properly going through the emails and the children's work and the detailed replies is excellent. I know xxxxxx for sure always gets really happy reading the feedback and looks forward to your emails.

Zoom calls are fun and every child is given a chance to talk and engage. Overall we are very very happy with the system and very thankful for the incredible effort the teachers are putting into making home schooling effective and fun. It was not easy for you all either to have to change and adapt but you all did incredibly well this year 



Email from a Year 4 Parent - Received Thurs 7th Jan 2021


Hello Miss Cranfield 


Hope you’re well. 


The online learning set up for year 4 work is amazing! It’s great how there’s visual aid, presentation or video to embed the learning followed by independent activity. xxxxx is really enjoying completing all the subjects. She loved joining the call today, she was so happy with having seen her friends. 


A huge thank you for all your hard work with creating such an amazing online learning platform covering all areas. The amount to be done is just right, not too much and not too little. The deadlines are a great way to motivate kids too. xxxxx loves the whole thing of doing her work and submitting it. 


(from a Year 4 parent)

Feedback from a Reception parent on Tapestry!

Received Fri 11 Dec 2020


Such an amazing experience to study online. We trying our best to teach her everyday's session and she gave her 100% concentration to learn. Here are some videos and pictures of her practice. Thank you very much to all teachers and the team of WHA.
I request to continue providing online study videos at least once in a week, so we can help our kids learning home as we can follow the same pattern and syllabus.
Thank you so much for your support!


(from a Reception parent)

Email received by WHA Principal 10th Dec 2020


Good Morning Mrs Snowden,


I just wanted to feedback that the online learning through the virtual classroom for Year 4 has been excellent. Miss Poynter has done an exceptional job at balancing the demands of children in class and those at home. She has kept the kids at home participating and engaged throughout their time in isolation. xxxxxx has felt like she was still part of her class and she has not missed or fallen back on any work delivered.  The school and Miss Poynter have done an amazing job.


Kind Regards,

xxxxxx (parent of Year 4 child)

Email received by WHA Principal 9 Dec 2020 regarding Home Learning


Dear Mrs Snowden,  


I am writing to thank the reception teachers especially Ms Rivet and Ms McClean, for the excellent singing, exercise, cooking and phonics lessons.

xxxxxx really enjoyed this and joined in every day.


xxxxxx really enjoyed the virtual chats, and we logged in everyday for this. It meant my daughter was able to see her friends and teachers and had some routine and smiles in these hard times. 


Thank you for making the hardest times seem somewhat easy for my child. 


Thank you to everyone for all their hardwork over these last two weeks. 



Kindest regards 


xxxxxx xxxxxx (Reception class parent)

Email received by Vice Principal 27 November 2020 regarding Isolation & Home Learning


Yes we are settling in lovely with the home learning, I think the work/videos the reception teachers have done is fantastic, xxxxxx is really enjoying it and is happy doing this from home. 


It is great when the teachers do videos like they have done so far, as it also makes the child feel like they are still with their teachers. Xxxxxx has even been explaining to me how it’s done at school.


Please can you pass on these positive comments to Reception.


Kind regards 


Xxxxxx Xxxxxx (parent of child in Reception class)

Email received by Principal 25 November 2020


Dear Mrs. Snowden,

Trust this email finds you in bests of health and high spirits.

At the outset, I would like to thank you and your SLT team for the quick and prompt feedback on the concern I raised few days back. I confirm each team member from the SLT team spoke to me personally and advised me of the action plan which WHA has taken to ensure the safety of the children(s).

At the same time, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and each and every member of your teaching staff, Sports coach, Support/Specialist teachers, HLTAs, key workers, Admin staff and premises team for keeping the school going in such unprecedented times.

Take care and best regards,

xxxxxxx xxxxxxx (parent)