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Year 6

December 2021

This month, the children in Year 6 began the day with a mindful Christmas- themed mediation. This helped start the day in a calm way, and helped the children reflect on their current mental health and feelings. It also helped them learn breathing techniques if they are feeling overwhelmed. Next, Year 6 created Christmas cards for someone in need. We discussed how not everyone feels the joy of Christmas and it can be a very lonely time of year for some people. We talked about how the elderly, people in care homes, homeless people, NHS staff and those who had recently suffered grief may struggle with this time of year. Year 6 created some wonderful positive messages to lift the spirits of those who need it the most. We continued the day by discussing gratitude and how simple moments of gratitude can help us feel grounded, ease worries we may have, think positively for the future and spread kindness. The children made gratitude advent calendars, with an activity for each day that spreads kindness and also helps them reflect on what they are grateful for.