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Year 5

Project Passport Overview Spring 1

Completed Project Passports Spring 1

We have been blown away by the submissions we’ve had handed in both online and the incredible creations brought into school. The children dived straight into this Space topic and the enthusiasm was phenomenal, so much so the children got to share their online submissions and physical hands in with a Project Passport exhibition to the Principal and the Vice Principal. The creativity and resilience radiated through all the submissions each in their unique ways, many needing to utilise their DT skills. 



Project Passport Overview Spring 2

Completed Project Passports Spring 2

The Year 5's enjoyed exploring the Ancient Greeks this term looking at the influences of the Ancient Greeks in the world. We had lots of engagement at home with the project passports with many 3D structures brought into school; our classrooms were full of Parthenon temples! We also enjoyed the creative writing from the children imaging themselves as a Greek God or a tourist in Ancient Greece sending a postcard back home.