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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!


Welcome to Year 5! The Year 5 team supporting the pupils to reach their potential this year are as follows: Mrs Mangat (Year Leader, 5 Sheeran), Mrs Stuart William (5 Dixon) and Mr Skinner (5 Adele), Mrs Smith (HLTA) and our Key Workers Mrs Wood, Mrs Farooq, Mrs Latif and Mrs Haq.


This is an exciting academic year in Year 5 - especially with project based learning that forms exciting links between reading, writing and other aspects of the curriculum. In PBL this year we will study London through It’s a Mystery; Location, Location, Location (a study of Slough, Sao Paulo and Zakopane); Space; Ancient Greece and Invaders (Saxons and Vikings).   This year, the children secure their knowledge and understanding in the topics they cover and build on their creativity with increased self- esteem and confidence when they are able to apply what they have learned, and use the relevant skills, to whatever they are asked to explore.


Our aim in Year 5 is to get the children ready for Year 6 by supporting them in consolidating their learning and building on their speed to solve problems and challenges.