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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!


The Year 5 team supporting the pupils to reach their potential this
year are as follows: Mrs Mangat (Year Leader, teacher 5 Sheeran),
Mrs Stuart William (teacher 5 Sade) and Mr Skinner (teacher 5
Adele), Mr Brennan (HLTA). Our Key Workers are: Mrs Wood, Mrs
Temour, Mrs Gregory, Mrs Rainer and Miss Arif.

Keeping in mind the challenges facing us due to the unprecedented
times, the Year 5 team will be doing the best to support the children
as whole individuals. Initial gaps in core subjects will be identified
and every effort will be made to cover these gaps, leaving the
children feeling confident and secure in themselves. The project
based learning will continue to make links between other aspects of
the curriculum in an interesting and meaningful way.
In PBL this year, the children will investigate, London through ‘It’s a
Mystery’; Location, Location, Location is a study of Slough, Sao Paulo
and Zakopane; Space; Ancient Greece and Invaders.

Our aim in Year 5, by using the school values, is to get the children
ready for Year 6 by supporting them through consolidating their
learning and building on their confidence. This will enable them to
solve problems, develop their understanding and apply relevant skills
to problem solving and real life situations. This cannot be done
alone, with us truly believing in a home-school partnership.