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Year 4

June 2022

On the 15th of June Year 4 enjoyed many different activities for the wellbeing day with a focus on Geography. First we discussed position and direction and then we learnt to use a compass to locate the eight directions. We worked with partners to answer questions based on directions that would need us to apply the skills that we learnt.


After that we had fun doing a Geography quiz to tell the names of countries and their capitals. We got better at it the second time around. Our most favourite part was learning to draw and paint a landscape. For this, we sat on the school playground and drew different areas of the school and then painted them using water colours. We learnt to shade them light and dark and also used different colours to show different tones. It was a beautiful sunny day where we had fun learning new things.



April 2022 - no school

March 2022

As the focus of this wellbeing day was Science, the children were looking forward to some explosive activities. We had a carousel of three activities in the year group. The first activity was to learn about antibodies and their function while creating an origami. The second activity was called Exploding water where we added fizzy tablets to a small pot of water and placed a lid onto the container. The tablets released carbon dioxide and as the pressure of this gas increased the force of the water against the lid increased causing a small explosion to the delight of the children. The third activity was to explore the chemistry of slime making. The children mixed sodium bicarbonate with OVA and contact lens solution. The results were so interesting that you must have a go yourself. In the afternoon, we worked to improve our resilience and had a go at creating prototypes of Roman shields following the plans that we had created. It was a day full of fun and learning in a very calm and relaxed environment.

February 2022 - Number Day Year 4

On Number Day, Year 4 worked on their resilience and completed some problem solving and maths investigations. Depending on their ability, children worked on building a fence with 12 one metre lengths, creating towers and calculating the number at the top, making patterns using dots and calculating the difference between them.


Year 4 also built on their meditative skills that they have been using to help stay calm and stress free in the last few months. The children have come a long way and are now able to meditate for longer and can articulate the benefits of regular meditation. We also discussed scenarios where our emotions may be provoked and what we could do to manage them.

The day ended with a creative afternoon, where we completed our Dioramas relating to the rainforest.


All in all it was a day full of fun where we used skills that will help improve our wellbeing in the future.

January 2022​​

In the morning, we used the computer room to practice our times tables and also discussed Votes for Schools which was on space tourism; We discussed the impact of this on the environment. 

Then we looked at the causes for climate change and the impact it was having on the Polar bears. We watched an activity of ice melting and Polar bears having to share their melting ice bed with other Polar bears. We watched how the rise in our global climate has had a direct impact on polar bears and their habitat. Children then created posters to save the environment.

In the afternoon, we made patterns in nature where we used natural resources like leaves, bark of trees  and also created some marbled paper for naturally occurring designs on Earth..


The rise in our global climate has had a direct impact on polar bears and their habitat.


December 2021

For December Well-being day, Year 4 had the wonderful opportunity to create a Weather Watch. The children were encouraged to think about their feelings and match them to the weather. For example, sunny weather might represent happiness and thunderstorms might represent anger. We discussed how our feelings change throughout the day. They were given a paper plate and had to divide it into six sessions. The children drew six different weather scenes and labelled it with their feelings that matched that scene.  Using a piece of card, the children made an arrow which was attached to the middle of the plate. The children will now be able to use the Weather Watch to show how they are feeling even when they find it hard to verbalise it.