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Year 3

Year 3 Charity
Free the Children


Year 3 chose Free The Children as their charity.  In the Assembly, organised for parents in the Autumn term, children focused on the charity motto - from ‘ME to WE.’  Children explained this vision through role plays by how working together, they can bring about a change in any part of the world.

The charity has five pillars, like: education, clean water, food security, alternative income and health care. Children voted for one of the pillars. They chose alternative income as their research project. Children explored different types of alternative income that can help families and children in Africa to improve their standard of living. Children decided to make bracelets which are known as rafikis, Children carried out research on different materials to create the jewellery and then designed their own bracelets.  They designed more than one and chose the best to make the rafikis.  Children cut pieces of wool into small strands and did a ‘mix and match’ with different colours of wool and decorated them with beads. Each child made more than one rafikis. Children and adults volunteered to sell the rafikis to other children and parents on the 17th December 2015 during Christmas Carol.

So far, Year 3 has raised £42.