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Year 1

Year 1 Charity
The Bee Cause


This year Year 1 have supported the Bee Cause. The children learnt all about why bees are so important and why we have to raise money to help keep them alive. Everyone felt really sad that the bees are endangered, especially because we need them for lots of different types of food.

Firstly all the children learnt songs about bees, then they created bee fact files detailing what the problem is and how we can help. Then we had an assembly and invited all the parents to watch us sing and dance and talk about how important bees are. When we contacted The Bee Cause, they were very kind and sent us lots of packets of wildflower seeds to sow for the bees.

In the Spring term we made cakes in school and sold them afterwards to all the children in the school and their parents. We raised £148.20 in our cake sale. We used £48.20 for the new hamsters and the £100 we sent to The Bee Cause. They were very grateful! They have told us that the money we raised will help make a new hive for the bees.

At the end of the year, the Year 1 teachers will be giving the children a little packet of seeds of their own to sow at home so we can make wildflower gardens for Bees all over Slough.