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Week 9

Nursery suggested daily timetable week 9.

Continue with the timings on previous timetables if they have been helpful to you and add in the following ‘Learning Times’:







Learning time – Fine Motor

Pencil control – ask your adult to draw some wavy lines and different shapes using a highlighter so that you can trace over them.

 Can you colour the Arctic Animals? What colour should they be? Can you find a photo of them online and keep their colours as accurate as you can?

Choose one of the fine motor activities from the ideas cards (that were included last week) that you can do using resources you have at home. 

If you are going to reception in September – can you practise writing your name in lowercase letters (not CAPITAL LETTERS). If you are staying in Nursery in September – can you trace over your name (get an adult to write it with a highlighter first).

Follow the lines and cut along them.   

Learning time – Maths


Can you order the arctic animals by size? Or, could you choose a selection of your cuddly toys and order those by size? Can you use the words – big, bigger, biggest. Small, smaller, smallest. Medium sized.

Help to set the table for dinner. How many knives and forks do you need? How many is that altogether? How many more things would you need if someone else were to sit at the table?

Order all of the people in your house by height. Who is the tallest? Who is the shortest? Who is taller than you? Who is shorter than you?

Practise naming shapes and go on a shape hunt around the house. What everyday items can you find that are a square, circle, triangle or a rectangle?

Go on a walk and see if you can find all of the things on the trail cards.

Creative Time

Name the arctic animals in the photos. Have you seen any of them before? Why are they all white?  

Fingerprint penguins! How many can you make?

Follow the link and find out how to make fake snow for your animals to play in!


Experiment with some ice and follow the instructions in the ‘Make Ice Grow’ recipe.

Ask an adult to cut out the arctic animal puzzles and see if you can put them back together.

1.30-2.00pm Learning Time

Choose one of the activities from your pack/Project Passport to work on – if you have run out, please check the website for more.