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Week 6

Nursery suggested daily timetable week 6 .








Before 9.00am

Get ready!

Carry out your usual morning routine (that you would do before coming to Nursery). Why not use the video to remind you how to wash your hands effectively!


Morning exercise

Do this in the way you prefer: Joe Wicks PE sessions, action songs by The Learning Station on Youtube, playing in the garden etc…


Learning time – Fine Motor

Can you colour the sea creature animals and stay in the lines? Can you use the correct colours to make them look realistic?

 Can you use your pincer grip to make and decorate an octopus? You can use sequins, pomp poms or any other tiny items if you don’t want to use cereal!

If you are going to reception in September – can you practise writing your name in lowercase letters (not CAPITAL LETTERS). If you are staying in Nursery in September – can you practise drawing a person. Don’t forget the eyes, nose, mouth, ears, legs, arms, body, feet, hands etc…

Can you cut out the sea creatures? Ask your adult to draw a circle around them if it’s tricky.

Pencil control sheets – can you make sure you use the tripod grip to trace the lines on the sea creature pages?


Learning time - Maths

What’s in the rock pool? Count the creatures. How many are there altogether? How many would there be if you drew one more of each of the creatures?

Play a board game and count accurately when you move your piece around the board. If the board has numbers, can you identify them as you go around?

Can you estimate how many sea creatures are on each page? Count to check you are right. You could always ask an adult to give you some cubes or toys to use to estimate instead. Just don’t forget to check your answers!

Count the sea creatures and attach a peg (or colour in) the correct number.

Can you cut out the octopus and identify the shape of his  tentacles? The rectangle is a tricky shape to remember so see if you can find some around you house too!


Creative Time

Practise your listening skills by listening to the adult read the sentence – can you follow the instruction? Use whichever medium you prefer.

How many of the sea creatures in the photos can you name? Can you think of any more? Describe what they look like and paint one.


Design your own sea creature! Choose your medium and use one of the sheets to help – or start from scratch and make your own! You could even use clay or playdough!

Watch the video (click the link)

Can you talk about your favourite creature? Why did you like that one?

Can you experiment with some ice and include your sea creatures if you have some. Talk about the ice.


Get Active


Household tasks

Help your family tidy up. Tidy up your bedroom and toys. Help fold/sort/peg out the washing. Can you help with the cleaning? Can you set the table for dinner? Can you help wash up? Can you help look after your pets if you have any?


Quiet time

Read a book, do a puzzle or colour a picture.


Online Games


Lunch Time

Help to prepare your lunch. Set your place at the table. Help to clear up afterwards.


Household tasks

Help your family tidy up. Tidy up your bedroom and toys. Help fold/sort the washing.


Get Active


Learning Time

Choose one of the activities from your pack/Project Passport to work on – if you have run out, please check the website for more.


You Choose!

Play with your toys. Can you share with your siblings? Make sure you put your toys away once you have finished!


Story Time

Read a book with your family. Talk about the characters and what is happening in the story. Can you find the front cover of the book? Can you turn the pages carefully? Did you like the story? Why/why not? Discuss it together.


Get Active

Get active again! Choose your favourite way of letting off some steam and using up some more energy! Can you go in the garden and run around?