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Week 4

Hello Year 3!  Here are your activities for this week. Suggested activities will be added daily. Remember to read the activity carefully and do your best. If you need help, ask someone at home. You are all doing a fantastic job and thank you for sharing your learning with us - please keep sending us your work to the email addresses below:


We will respond to emails as promptly as possible but please allow 24 hours as we are receiving a large volume of messages each day!


Some parents have been asking for more work for their child/ren. White Rose Maths is a scheme that some of our year groups already follow and they are providing daily maths work for children from Early Years - Year 8. Please follow the link below and click on the year group of your choice - you will then need to follow the instructions on that screen. Please be patient as this website does sometimes crash when there are too many people across the country trying to access it as it is such a great resource. 

Support with Accelerated Reader


We are pleased to see many of you using Accelerated Reader but know some of you have had some problems.  Here are some instructions to help you out.  We have also included the texts on the Read-on website with details of their ZPD level to hopefully make it easier for you to use.

Year 3 Suggested Timetable for Home Learning

Friday 1st May 2020



Prelayer - Guide Dogs (Pages 30 - 32)

All Layers - Incredible Insects (Page 24 - 25)



Prelayer - Double letters with ing and ed (Page 34)

All Layers - Exclamation Marks (Page 42 - 43)



Prelayer - Statistics (Page 36)

All Layers - Using Data (Pages 37 - 38)

Please see below for some handy video links and also a very helpful video from Miss Khehar who talks through some questions.  - Pictograms - Bar Charts

Friday - Using Data.MP4

Still image for this video

Thursday 30th April 2020



Prelayer - Spelling Add ing and ed to words ending in y (Page 33)

All Layers - Question Marks (Page 40- 41)



Prelayer - Statistics (Page 35)

All Layers - Shape: 3D Shapes, Parallel and Perpendicular Lines and Angles.

We have included some helpful video links to help you further understand these interesting properties of shape!  - 3D Shapes  - Parallel and Perpendicular  - Angles



Today you will be working on Apostrophes - make sure you read the instructions and look at the examples carefully. There is also a handy video clip to view.

Wednesday 29th April 2020



Prelayer - Non-Fiction 3 Guide Dogs (Page 27 - 29)

All Layers - Horrid Henry Tricks the Tooth Fairy (Page 22 - 23)



Prelayer - Spelling Add ing and ed to words ending in e (Page 32)

All Layers - Capital Letters and Full Stops (Page 38 - 39)



Prelayer - Statistics (Page 34)

All Layers - Shape (Page 34 - 36)

Tuesday 28th April 2020



Prelayer - Words ending in tion and sion (Page 31)

All Layers - Capital letters for Names and 1 (Page 36 - 37)



Today you will be working on Subordinating Conjunctions - make sure you read the instructions and look at the examples carefully.


We are continuing our work on time today and moving to 'quarter to' and 'quarter past'. This can be tricky at the start so watch this handy video on the link below to help!


Monday 27th April 2020



Prelayer - Non-Fiction 2 Bees (Page 25 - 26)

All Layers - Excuses, Excuses, Excuses (Page 20 - 21)



Prelayer - Words ending in le,el,al and il (Page 30)

All Layers - Staying in the same tense (Page 34 - 35)



Time Challenge! Today Miss Khehar has set some activities around 'Time'. Watch the videos and check out this Youtube link to help you

Monday - Time - Part 1.mp4

Still image for this video

Monday - Time - Part

Still image for this video
Art: Today your first task (with a competition element) has been set on Google Classroom.  Use the letter (posted by surface mail on Friday) you have been sent to logon.  It is really important that you get the hang of this as more work will be set on it next week.  If you are stuck, use the Google Classroom Help tab on the Class Pages to help you. Deadline: Friday 1st May 2020