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Week 4

Self Portrait Competition

We have an exciting competition for you with a mystery prize. Can you create a self portrait? That means a picture of yourself. You can draw it (paper or computer) , paint it or create it in any other ways that you want. We are looking for likeness and creativity as well showing the WHA values. Remember to have the courage and positivity to submit your entry even if it didn't turn out exactly how you imagined it in your head. Looking in the mirror at yourself is a great place to start. Have fun!

Deadline: 4pm Friday 1st May 2020


Click on the link below to get you started:


Some of the best work will appear in the Art Gallery section of the website too!!!

Nursery suggested daily timetable week 4 .








Before 9.00am

Get ready!

Carry out your usual morning routine (that you would do before coming to Nursery). Why not use the video to remind you how to wash your hands effectively!


Morning exercise



Learning time – Fine Motor

Pencil control sheets – can you make sure you use the tripod grip?

Practise your scissor skills! Cut out the teeth for the crocodile. 

Can you colour the pets and stay in the lines?

Combine your maths and fine motor by using tweezers to move small items and match quantities to the correct numerals.

Squeeze small pieces of tin foil into balls to strengthen your fingers.


Learning time - Maths

Complete a shape sheet (on the website). Can you colour the shapes the correct colour? Can you name them as you colour them?

Can you draw the shapes you were naming yesterday? Practise on a plain sheet of paper. If it’s tricky, trace an adult’s drawing of a shape.

Count the pets on the sheet and practise writing the numerals. Trace an adult’s writing if it’s tricky.

How many tin foil balls did you make? Can you count out five? Can you work out one more and one less? Try with different numbers.


Creative Time

Follow the cloud dough recipe and make your dough! What colour will you choose?  (You can use vegetable oil if you don’t have baby oil.)

Add some more oil to your cloud dough until it looks like this:


Do a jigsaw puzzle – can you get someone to set a timer and see if you can do it faster the second time?

Send a message to one of your Nursery friends. Record the message in a video and upload it to Tapestry. Add the name of the child you are sending your message to in the comments box and Miss Savage will tag the child so they can see your message. If they send one back, you’ll get tagged so you can see it.

Learn a new song – use one that has been uploaded on the website, or choose your own online. You could upload a video so we can see!


Get Active

Type ‘kid’s workout’ into YouTube and choose a video to follow and let off some steam!


Household tasks

Help your family tidy up. Tidy up your bedroom and toys. Help fold/sort/peg out the washing. Can you help with the cleaning? Can you set the table for dinner? Can you help wash up? Can you help look after your pets if you have any?


Quiet time

Read a book, do a puzzle or colour a picture.


Online Games




Choose your favourite game on your phone/tablet



Lunch Time

Help to prepare your lunch. Set your place at the table. Help to clear up afterwards.


Household tasks

Help your family tidy up. Tidy up your bedroom and toys. Help fold/sort the washing.


Get Active

Type ‘kid’s workout’ into YouTube and choose a different video to follow and let off some more steam!


Learning Time

Choose one of the activities from your pack/Project Passport to work on – if you have run out, please check the website for more.


You Choose!

Play with your toys. Can you share with your siblings? Make sure you put your toys away once you have finished!


Story Time

Read a book with your family. Talk about the characters and what is happening in the story. Can you find the front cover of the book? Can you turn the pages carefully? Did you like the story? Why/why not? Discuss it together.


Get Active

Get active again! Choose your favourite way of letting off some steam and using up some more energy! Can you go in the garden and run around?