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Week 3

Hello Year 3! We hope you had a safe and restful holiday break. Here are your activities for this week. Suggested activities will be added daily. Remember to read the activity carefully and do your best. If you need help, ask someone at home. You are all doing a fantastic job and thank you for sharing your learning with us - please keep sending us your work!

Some parents have been asking for more work for their child/ren. White Rose Maths is a scheme that some of our year groups already follow and they are providing daily maths work for children from Early Years - Year 8. Please follow the link below and click on the year group of your choice - you will then need to follow the instructions on that screen. Please be patient as this website does sometimes crash when there are too many people across the country trying to access it as it is such a great resource. 

Year 3 Suggested Timetable for Home Learning

Friday 24th April 2020



Prelayer - Bees (Page 21 - 24)

All Layers - Baobab Tree (Page 18 - 19)



Prelayer - Silent k,g and w (Page 28 -29)

All Layers - Verbs with 'have' (Page 32 - 33)



Prelayer - Position and Direction (Page 32 - 33)

All Layers - Time Problems (Page 32 - 33) 

Thursday 23rd April 2020



Prelayer - The soft c sound/ the soft G sound (Page 26 - 27)

All Layers - Using 'ing' verbs in past / Verbs with 'have' (Page 30 - 31)



Prelayer - Shapes and Patterns ( Page 30 - 31)

All Layers - Money Problems (Page 29 - 31)




Correcting the punctuation!


Watch these video's to help you to correct the punctuation in the text messages.

Vocab Mortified Trotter Peculiar.m4v

Still image for this video

Letter From Garth To Elmer.m4v

Still image for this video

Intro Task 2.m4v

Still image for this video

Wednesday 22nd April 2020



Prelayer - Non-Fiction 1 The Circus (Page 19 - 20)

All Layers - Cuddly Toys in Space! (Page 16 - 17)



Prelayer - Spelling The ur sound / The hard C sound (Page 24 -25)

All Layers - Using 'ing' verbs in present (Page 28 - 29)



Prelayer - Shapes and Patterns (Page 28 - 29)

All Layers - Measuring Problems (Page 27 - 28) 

Tuesday 21st April 2020



Prelayer - Spelling the aw sound / the short U sound (Page 22 - 23)

All Layers - Present Tense and Past Tense (Page 26 - 27)





Write a letter to your teacher and email it to


Don't forget your Year 3 writing skills! 


Conjunctions, adjectives, !?, apostrophes


Intro to Letters and Task 1.m4v

Still image for this video

Watch this video to help with your learning on Thursday!

Still image for this video

Monday 20th April 2020



Prelayer - Non-Fiction 1 The Circus (Page 17 - 18)

All Layers - Dave Pigeon (Page 14 - 15)



Prelayer - Spelling The long I sound / The short O sound (Page 20 -21)

All Layers - Prepositions (Page 24 - 25)



Prelayer - Time Problems (Page 26 - 27)

All Layers - Fraction Problems (Page 25 - 26)