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Week 14

Hello Year 3 - this is your final week of year 3! This week you will find daily activities from BBC Bitesize as well as activities on Google Classroom, additional online resources and activity packs for you to explore and a reflective school memory activity.


Support with Accelerated Reader


We are pleased to see many of you using Accelerated Reader but know some of you have had some problems.  Here are some instructions to help you out.  We have also included the texts on the Read-on website with details of their ZPD level to hopefully make it easier for you to use.

Year 3 Suggested Timetable for Home Learning

Additional Home Learning Opportunities


White Rose Maths

The link below continues to offer excellent resources for a scheme that our children know really well. 

Please note that there are no extra sheets available but during the video, there are chances for the child to practise what is being taught and then the teacher will go over through it. 


Headstart English & Maths

The pack below contains a number of activities to support revision in English and Maths. They are designed to be quick opportunities to revise specific areas so have a good look through and choose the area you would like to practise!

Weekly Reading Activity for All


We will now be using Serial Mash - a part of Purple Mash - to complete our Reading learning each week. Look at the document below for instructions on how to access Serial Mash and what your activities to complete are this week!

Google Classroom

There are no Science or PBL tasks on Google Classroom this week so please ensure that you have completed all previous tasks and spend time on the School Year Memory Activity detailed below. 


Don't forget Mr Robinson and Mr Barclay are also setting fun activities each week for Music and Computing so make sure you complete those too!


School Year Memory Activity

As we approach the last week of year 3, we would like you to think back to your favourite memories and learning from this year. Can you create a poster showing this. Have a look at the example to get some ideas. 


This has been a memorable year and it is important we record how we feel now so we can remember in the future.


Year 3 Weekly Activities


Monday 13th July



BBC Bitesize Activity - Writing a Newspaper Article.



BBC Bitesize Activity - Comparing Capacity


Tuesday 14th July



BBC Bitesize Activity - Writing Instructions



BBC Bitesize Activity - Add and subtract capacity



Wednesday 15th July



BBC Bitesize Activity  - Creative Writing Revision.



BBC Bitesize Activity - Pictograms



Thursday 16th July



BBC Bitesize Activity - Creating a Comic Strip



BBC Bitesize Activity - Bar Charts