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Week 13

Nursery suggested daily timetable week 13.

Continue with the timings on previous timetables if they have been helpful to you and add in the following ‘Learning Times’:







Learning time – Fine Motor

Follow the slimy frog playdough recipe with an adult

Choose one of the fine motor activities from the ideas cards (that were included previously) that you can do using resources you have at home. 

Remember what you learnt yesterday about the frog life cycle. Can you cut out the pictures and stick them in the correct order? Can you remember the names for each stage of the life cycle? (Egg, tadpole, froglet and frog.)

Practise your pencil control and pencil grip by tracing the lines on the Frog Pencil Control sheet. Alternatively, you can ask your adult to draw some wiggly lines and shapes in highlighter for tracing.  

If you are going to reception in September – can you practise writing your name in lowercase letters (not CAPITAL LETTERS). If you are staying in Nursery in September – can you trace over your name (get an adult to write it with a highlighter first).

Learning time – Maths


Ask an adult to cut out the ‘Frog Counting’ pages. Can you match the numerals to the frogs? How many are there? Can you use objects from around your house if you don’t want to print the frogs.

Select some small toys (lego, small animals, figures etc) and ask an adult to give you an amount to count out. Practise counting out different amounts. After a few goes, ask your adult to give you two smaller amounts of items (e.g. 5 items in one pile and 3 in another) and see if you can count them all together. Practise a few times. On the second day, repeat but this time stop to match a numeral (ask an adult to write numbers on separate post-it notes for you) to each group as you correctly count the items.

Play the numberblocks game:

Have a look at the frog poster and ask an adult to read the frog poster instructions to you. Can you find all of the things you need? How many things did you find altogether?

Creative Time

Read the story ‘Tadpole’s Promise’ and talk about what happened. If you don’t have the book at home, you can listen to the story on youtube:


Have a look at the frog life cycle photos. Talk about each one. What does the frog look like at each stage of its life? What is different in each picture? Can you put them in the correct order?

Ask an adult to cut out the frog jigsaw for you and see if you can complete it. Alternatively, complete a jigsaw puzzle that you already have at home – can you find one with a frog on it?

Follow the directions to make your own yogurt pot frog.

Or, can you think of something else that you could use to make a frog?

Use as many different green resources as you can to complete the frog colouring or to create your own frog picture.

1.30-2.00pm Learning Time

Choose one of the activities from your pack/Project Passport to work on.