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Week 10

Nursery suggested daily timetable week 10.

Continue with the timings on previous timetables if they have been helpful to you and add in the following ‘Learning Times’:







Learning time – Fine Motor

Can you colour the Dinosaurs? What colour should they be? Can you find a photo of them online and keep their colours as accurate as you can? Can you help to sharpen your pencils? Get those finger muscles working!

Follow the lines and cut along them on the dinosaur pictures.  

If you are going to reception in September – can you practise writing your name in lowercase letters (not CAPITAL LETTERS). If you are staying in Nursery in September – can you trace over your name (get an adult to write it with a highlighter first).

Pencil control – ask your adult to draw some wavy lines and different shapes using a highlighter so that you can trace over them. Or, trace the lines on the dinosaur sheets.

Choose one of the fine motor activities from the ideas cards (that were included previously) that you can do using resources you have at home. 

Learning time – Maths


Cut out the shapes to make a dinosaur. Or, Cut out your own shapes to create a new dinosaur! Practise square, circle, triangle and rectangle.


Practise your prepositions again – can you put your toy dinosaurs (or whichever toys you choose) on top, in, under, next to, behind, in front of, around? Can you say the words?

Practise tracing the dinosaur numbers – or get your adult to write some numbers in highlighter for you to trace.

Get an adult to cut out and hide the dinosaur treasure hunt pictures and see how many you can find – count them, how many were there of each?

Practise your shapes again – match the dinosaur shapes from Monday to things around your house. How many of each shape can you find?

Creative Time

Ask your adult to follow the dinosaur egg recipe so that you can find the dinosaur and be a fossil hunter!

Have a look at a dinosaur book, some pictures online, or print the pictures provided and talk about the dinosaurs. What do they look like? What body parts do they have? Can you say any of their names?


Use the dinosaur footprints provided, or get an adult to help you draw your own, and decorate them any way you like – collage, paint, pencils, wax crayons.

Choose your favourite malleable recipe so far and make it again – playdough, cloud dough, slime etc.

Create your own dinosaur – can you pick your favourite body parts from the dinosaur pictures to paint or draw your own? Will it have a long neck or a short neck?

1.30-2.00pm Learning Time

Choose one of the activities from your pack/Project Passport to work on – if you have run out, please check the website for more.