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Week 1

Nursery suggested daily timetable week 1.








Before 9.00am

Get ready!

Carry out your usual morning routine (that you would do before coming to Nursery). Why not use the video to remind you how to wash your hands effectively!


Morning exercise

Youtube: The Learning Station

Go out into the garden and do as many laps around it as you can!

Youtube: Go Noodle

How many star jumps can you do? Sing head, shoulders knees and toes… fast!

Youtube: Children’s Zumba videos


Learning time – Fine Motor

Draw patterns using a highlighter for children to trace over. Model correct (tripod) pencil grip.

Lay coins flat on the table and see how quickly you can pick them all up!

Colour a picture using the correct pencil grip!

Roll as many small balls of playdough as you can. Can you make them all the same size?

Choose your favourite fine motor activity from the previous days to repeat.


Learning time - Maths

Practise counting 1:1 with objects you have at home. Can you get one more? Can you get two more? Make two piles – which has the most? Which has the least?

Go on a shape hunt at home. Can you find a square, circle. triangle and a rectangle? How many of each did you find? How many sides does each shape have?

Get a teddy and a box. Practise these prepositions by putting the teddy there and then saying where he is: in, on, under, behind, in front, next to, around.

Find a pen. Can you find something longer and then shorter than the pen? Can you order all three by length. Can you add more items to your group? Which is the longest and which is the shortest?

Go on a number hunt around your house. Can you find any numbers? Can you identify the numbers? Can you then count out some small items to match the number (e.g. 4 beads, 8 oranges…)


Creative Time

Can you do some jigsaw puzzles?

Build a house for one of your teddies with your Lego (or similar construction).

Get creative and choose an activity from your Project Passport.

Draw a picture of yourself – look in the mirror. What colour are your eyes? What colour is your hair?

Engage in role play – can you be the doctor for Miss Polly? Could you be a teacher? Or, could you be a fireman? Do you need to make any props or masks?


Get Active

Type ‘kid’s workout’ into YouTube and choose a video to follow and let off some steam!


Household tasks

Help your family tidy up. Tidy up your bedroom and toys. Help fold/sort the washing.


Quiet time

Read a book, do a puzzle or colour a picture.


Online Games




Choose your favourite game on your phone/tablet



Lunch Time

Help to prepare your lunch. Set your place at the table. Help to clear up afterwards.


Household tasks

Help your family tidy up. Tidy up your bedroom and toys. Help fold/sort the washing.


Get Active

Type ‘kid’s workout’ into YouTube and choose a different video to follow and let off some more steam!


Learning Time

Choose one of the activities from your pack to work on.


You Choose!

Play with your toys. Can you share with your siblings? Make sure you put your toys away once you have finished!


Story Time

Read a book with your family. Talk about the characters and what is happening in the story. Can you find the front cover of the book? Can you turn the pages carefully? Did you like the story? Why/why not? Discuss it together.


Get Active

Get active again! Choose your favourite way of letting of some steam and using up some more energy! Can you go in the garden and run around?