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School Council Chocolate Fundraising Project

School council's Chocolate Fundraising Project


Year 1 said: “We raised £665.20. We sold chocolates. There was a
competition to see which class could bring in the most. 1 Milne won
and we got some bubbles! This made us happy!”


Year 2 said: “We brought some chocolates in to raise money to help
buy technology equipment for the school. We put the chocolates
into bags and sold them to people in our school.”

Year 3 said: “This was a busy, long project that was fun. We brought
in chocolate and sold it. The children in WHA wanted to raise money
for new technology. We made over £600.”

Year 4 said: “Raising money for technology the school councilors did
a school fundraising project that raised money to make our learning
better. We raised £665.20 which gives your child different ways to
learn, like using a camera in class.”

Year 5 said: “A few months ago, WHA school councilors raised money
by selling chocolates for 50p per bag. We raised £665.20 to get more
technology in our classes. Many people in the classes gave
sophisticated ideas to the school councilors to decide what we
should spend the money on.”

Year 6 said: “we had to bring chocolate boxes in and then we got
together and made small bags full of sweets. We took help from the
other school councilors, the reading ambassadors and the prefects.
Once we were done we divided the bags and sold them for 50p each.
We sold all of the bags and ended up with £665.20.”


As a group of pupil leaders within the school we have been working so hard to raise fund. So far this year, we have raised an amazing £655.20! The aim of the fundraising was to buy a digital camera for each year group - we are pleased to report we raised enough money to be able to do this and each one of us have presented the camera to buy year group.


We would like to thank the children. staff and parents for their support to help us to achieve this.


The School Councillors of WHA