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Year 3
Mental Wellbeing

Year 3

November 2022

For our wellbeing day, we celebrated Anti-Bullying week with an art focus.

To say ‘No’ to bullying, we drew around our forearms and hands and decorated them with different patterns. This was a fun activity where we learnt more about where to go and what to do if we felt we were being bullied.

Along with this, we created a poster in PE showing the activities we like to take part in. We enjoyed taking our pencils for a walk to create some doodles and then filled then with bright colours in different mediums. We were amazed at how beautiful and unique they turned out to be and made us all feel like an artist.

To finish the day, we made self portraits. After drawing the portrait, we used wet tissue paper to cover it up and let the colours bleed onto the picture. This gave the portrait a very unique effect.

October 2022

The focus of our wellbeing day in October was Diversity and Oneness. To celebrate diversity, we learnt about Martin Luther King Jr in Black History and how he led the civil rights movement from 1955. In addition to this, to celebrate diversity, we designed squares and circles with pictures that related to us in some way like our religion, culture, food, flags of the countries we are from etc. This showed how diverse we all are and yet part of the same class, same school in the same country. We learnt that beauty is enhanced by diversity just like a painting looks more beautiful with different colours. Our favourite thing of the day was to dress up in our cultural clothes which we have never done before.

September 2022

Our focus for September was resilience. We started with some calming meditation and yoga which everyone thoroughly enjoyed.

We began our focus on resilience by discussing what resilience means and how we can show this. Some of the children came up with lovely ideas such as 'never giving up when something is challenging, staying positive and to believe in yourself that you can do it. We played some resilience games where the children had to work together as a team to finish a game with added challenges; this really showed the importance of resilience in life.

We ended the day with some fun art activities in which the children had to use their resilience skills to make their own magical themed item such as a witches hat or wand. A great day where everyone showed how important resilience is!