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Year 2
Mental Wellbeing

Year 2

November 2022

Our November Wellbeing day had a focus on anti-bulling and art.

We started the day by creating our front covers for our Art sketchbooks. The children completed a 'walk with a pencil' activity which they really enjoyed. They coloured each section using a different colouring pencil. We then created self-portraits in the style of Julian Opie. 

In the afternoon, we focused on anti-bullying and how we can stop others from getting hurt. We used 'Now, Press, Play' to listen to a story about bullying and how to deal with peer pressure. We then discussed how to recognise bullying and what to do if we witness someone else being bullied.

October 2022

Our October Wellbeing day had a focus on ‘Diversity and
Oneness’. We started our morning by discussing what makes us unique. We discussed how we all look different and have different personality traits which make us special. We spoke about the different languages that are spoken, the different religions and the different food that we eat. Everyone was excited to share more about themselves!
To celebrate this, we decorated squares to represent ourselves which will go towards a school display.

In the afternoon, we focused on Mary Seacole and the struggles that she faced as a black woman. We noticed that Mary Seacole showed many of our school values, especially courage. ‘Now, Press, Play’ helped us to learn more about her life.

September 2022

We started our school year off with a focus on Resilience. We discussed what ‘resilience’ means and how we could show resilience in our day to day life. We looked at a range of scenarios in which children and adults would need to show resilience. We all agreed that resilience is an important value to have to make situations easier for us to overcome.

We spent our afternoon creating board games with our peers and then taking turns to play. This helped us with turn taking and understanding that it is fine to sometimes lose.