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Card received 29.3.23 from a Trust Member

Dear Coral and Colleagues

Thank you so much for providing such an informative, enjoyable and thought provoking visit on Monday. Your school looked, felt and clearly is amazing!

How the word 'outstanding' failed to slip off Ofsted tongues I don't understand!

The passion you have for providing all with the very best was a delight and I have no doubt the values and confidence you instil will last a life time!

Thank you once again,



Email received 28.3.23 from a Board Director

Dear Coral,

I don’t think I have ever been with such articulate young pupils as with those I met yesterday. I wish I had had time to listen to more from them. They were engaging, informed, enthusiastic and proud. How could they not be proud of a school which they are thrilled to be part of?

If the ugly word ‘outstanding’ is not to be used about Western House, so be it, but there are others which I, for one, would be ecstatic to use. After reflecting on yesterday’s experience, I had the following thought:


  • We say that the Park Federation is not Costa Coffee because we want each school to develop along its very particular and bespoke path.
  • If we use a phrase such as ‘Aspects of Distinction’, we can see what exactly distinguishes each school from its peers.
  • In the case of Western House, to take this as an example, it would be very, very easy to see what its Aspects of Distinction are. There are many, many of them.
  • My imperfect list would look something like this: 
    • Pupils’ oracy
    • School values enacted in everyday school life
    • A digital strategy inspiring learning
    • Exemplary pupil behaviour, with universal focus on tasks in class
    • Specialist teaching enabling pupils to reach very high standards in subjects such as French and music.


I have limited myself to five aspects but am sure you would have a much more informed list. I wonder what all the schools in the federation would identify as their Aspects of Distinction?

Yesterday’s visit was a joyful experience and I would be grateful of you could pass on to Sophie and Rob my sincerest thanks for organising such an enriching and convincing visit. 


Very best wishes.



Email received 4.12.22 from external partner

Hi Coral

 I just wanted to reach out and say thanks again for so kindly allowing me to sit in on your presentation yesterday. We currently work with Lake Farm Park and Godolphin so any time there’s a chance for us to improve our music provisions, I try to grab it with both hands.

 Your music teacher; Simon was kind enough to show me around at the beginning of the year and it was honestly one of the best music classrooms I’ve seen in my life and I’ve seen a lot.

 Wishing you and Western House continued success for 2023. I hope you have a great Christmas holiday.

 Kind regards

EuGene Jordan
Operations Manager


Email received 4.12.22 from an Executive Principal

Dear Coral,

It was lovely meeting you last week.  You were a breath of fresh air!  It is so nice to meet other heads, who have been on similar journeys and cannot wait to be in your position.  

Your talk was incredibly helpful and I know will support us.  

Is it still possible for you to share the PowerPoint that you shared?  It had such a lot of information that I know will support our team.  

Thank you again for your support.  Please keep in touch.


Kindest regards

Mrs Hayley Mulhall

Acting Executive Headteacher

Beauclerc Infant and Nursery and Chennestone Primary School