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Year 4 - School Trip to the Living Rainforest

During the Spring Term, Year 4 went to The Living Rainforest. We had a guided tour called, 'Animal Adaptations', and we learnt how the animals in the rainforest have adapted over thousands of years. We even saw a fish that has teeth that look the same as human teeth! We saw a sloth, an alligator, iguanas, snakes, armadillos, agoutis, pygmy monkeys, cockroaches, frogs, stick insects and more! We also learnt more about the layers of the rainforest and saw a demonstration of how rainwater is repelled by some of the larger leafed plants. The tour guides were very impressed with how much we have learnt at school and that we were able to answer so many questions correctly. Teachers were very proud to hear the tour guides say that WHA was the best behaved school visit they have led in a long time. Well done Year 4!