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Principal Update - February 2021

A printable copy of this letter is on our Letters Home page here but here are the contents below.



February 2020



Dear Parents and Carers,


As we approach half term, my update to you is not written as your child’s Principal, but as a mother and nanny.

I have seen first-hand how home learning has been another element of parenting that has been asked of our families. This week I have managed to join most of our parent workshops and the most common theme that has been discussed is how our parents are struggling with the demands of life and home schooling.

I want to say to all our families you have done a fantastic job and if there is a day when your child or yourself are struggling with the learning THAT IS OK! Please don’t put extra pressure on yourself or your child in a time when there are already enough pressures. Turn off the screen and have some down time – no one is going to think any less of you for doing this.

I have every confidence in my wonderful staff and our regain strategy that focuses on academic and well-being, the children will catch up with the learning regardless of all the gimmicks the Government are proposing. When we return, we will continue with our high quality teaching, longer days on Tuesday and 1:1 tutoring for our most vulnerable children. Most of our children had regained the lost learning from March to July by the time they finished in December; we will do it again.


So my message to all our parents is; be kind to yourselves, you have done a fantastic job over the past six weeks, make sure you have a break next week and more importantly spend time with your children where schooling is not on the agenda.


Look after each other and stay safe.


Fondest regards,


Mrs Coral Snowden