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Music Mentors of 2021 talk about their role


It has been a pleasure being the Head of Music Mentors this year. This job has been so much fun, even with the COVID restrictions which stopped us from doing most of the jobs. I am so thankful to all of the other Music Mentors for all of their hard work. During the year we made a body percussion video to inspire the younger year groups. This year has been a blast, thank you Mr. Robinson.



It has been a great opportunity being given the role of a Music Mentor and although we have not been able to do the things that we would usually do, I still really enjoyed playing music at Western House Academy. I have been very lucky to play two instruments in the musical collective and our band, ‘Funk Street’. Being a Music Mentor has allowed me to share my skills with other children. It was my great pleasure.



Being a Music Mentor was an amazing opportunity to express the passion I have for music. I gained responsibility for not only me but other people around me. I made many friends over the years and I
have enjoyed the time at Western House Academy. I am very sad to leave this school. It was a pleasure to work with Mr. Robinson and the other Music Mentors. I wish the next Music Mentors great luck.



I have enjoyed being a Music Mentor this year. There have been so many opportunities and the best part is that I have helped my peers to learn a subject I am passionate about. I have enjoyed presenting in the radio team and writing scripts, learning to play different songs in the band and just
having a good time with the other Music Mentors. I would like to thank Mr. Robinson for giving me the privilege of letting me participate in all of the activities such as BoomBoxRadio, the Musical Collective and helping in lessons. It was an honour to be able to get this role.