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Mental Health and Well-being Project

Mental Health and Well-being Project


Our project this half term (Summer 1) was mental health and well-being.  We held a meeting to discuss what mental health and well-being was and how we can promote this in our school.  We gave the school councillors the following questions to discuss with their classes and they held a vote for the top 3 choices that they would then implement.

What does mental health and well-being mean?

How can we promote well - being in school?



Year Group

Suggestions contributed


Meditation and Quiet Time in class.

Remembering to have a healthy diet and a healthy body by eating properly/exercising and sleeping on time.

Less electronics time and more time spent with friends and family.

Reduce caffeine intake – this includes fizzy drinks.


More playtime outside in the fresh air- additional to normal play time.

More time to be creative in class – art/cooking activities each week to relax and have something to look forward to.

Go for a daily walk/run during school time.

Some of Year 5 were very keen to have their own allocated “ball court”, so they do not have to wait around to play football.

A smile can go a long way.


Mini Mental Health Team” in each class – where children can express their feelings and worries to someone their own age.

To have timetables for everyone to see-as this is more productive.

“mindfulness” – calming colouring.

“positivity Board2 – give each other compliments (positive ones) to make people feel good about themselves.


Mental Health ”is a bad thing and it is all about your emotions an trying to have a nice time.

For your well-being you should talk – don’t keep it inside.

Have time to have fun, for example to tell jokes to make each other laugh.

Do your favourite things.

Don’t put too much pressure on yourselves.


If someone feels lonely- play with them

Find out your favourite things and do them


“Connect with nature” – go outside more!

Make your immune system feel better.

Friday afternoon- Creative time/Golden afternoon: colouring/colouring time.

Yoga time – after lunch – every day.

Try to have more lessons outside or go for a walk


Year groups talk about their choices


Year 1 said " We have chosen to have more golden time, cooking time and playtime outside to make us feel better"


Year 2 said " We held a vote in our classes to decide on our top 3 things on how we could make our immune system better.  We talked to our classes about the top 3 choices we liked and how we will try to do one of these each week.  In 2 Anne, we wanted golden time.  In 2 Charles, we wanted extra golden time. In 2 William, we wanted a positivity board."


Year 3 said "we discussed with our class and held a vote on how we can promote our well-being.  We think we need to have more time outside to enjoy the fresh air and tell jokes to each other.  Also , we need to talk and not keep our feelings inside.  Finally, if someone is feeling lonely or sad play with them and do their favourite thing with them."


Year 4 explained " We did the project because it was mental health and well-being week tying in perfectly. For this project, we brainstormed ideas and held a democratic vote to decide 3 of the best ideas which will be implemented to help our well-being. The ideas chosen in Year 4 classes were: more playtime, more lessons outside, creative coloring, positivity board, mini mental health team and a daily walk.  This will seriously help improve our mental health."


Year 5 said " To promote well-being we should: have more time to be creative, more golden time, more playtime, make a positivity board and daily walks outside."


Year 6 explained " First of all , we discussed in the school council meeting a few things that we want to happen in the school to improve our well-being.  Then we went back to our classes and held a democratic vote.  6 Christie voted for more PE, golden time and an extra break.  

 Jonson-Thompson voted for more playtime, going for a walk outside and more creative lessons.  6 Rashford voted for Friday creative afternoons, more playtime outside in the fresh air and a daily walk/run.