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A lovely story about a baby Foal

Fab investigations of different types of materials

Want to know about WHA? Then read on!

Amazing learning - fabulous story, recount writing, creative cereal box animal, Purple Mash and science.

An enjoyable innovation - 'The Blueberries that Spoke'. based Pie Corbett's, The Papaya that Spoke.'

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If you want to find out more about the Sun then please read on!

Super informative fact files on Andy Warhol

Fantastic maths work on shapes and patterns

Brilliant animals made out of recycled materials, very creative!

Great use of question and exclamation marks and a wonderful comprehension:

The beat is strong in Year 2 - Super Syncopation!

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Great writing, DT and scientific investigations

A brilliant video about investigating the properties of materials.

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A great story about a hungry farmer

Great writing of the story 'The Papaya that Spoke.'

A brilliant creative task listing favourite hot and cold/ frozen foods.

Great reading and brilliant answers to the vocabulary questions.

A lovely detailed drawing of Windsor Castle with some interesting facts, brilliant work!

Fancy reading some great writing? Interesting adjectives, and a super story.

Brilliant examples of Andy Warhol's Pop Art

Great writing going on in Year 2's Home Learning

Fab investigations of different types of materials

Why not try out this fun game! Follow the instructions and see who wins in your family!

Brilliant examples of how to retrieve information from a given text! Great work - really well done!

Wow! Look at the art! They are of the Eiffel Tower in the style of Andy Warhol for our current topic of 'Making Modern Art'. Where it has been repeated 4 times changing the colours of the Eiffel Tower and the backgrounds each time.

Lots or great writing and creative tasks too. Looks like you are keeping busy - well done!

Nothing is stopping Year 2's learning! Great work!

Wonderful adventure stories from Year 2 using conjunctions and adjectives. Hope you enjoy reading them.

Wonderful learning in Year 2! A superb example of different sentence types.

Lots more fabulous Home Learning!

Week 3 Project passport completed already. Can you believe this is all by the same person!!! Wow, amazing work - well done!

Easter Holidays have not stopped Year 2's Values, creativity and skill development. Happy Easter everyone!

Year 2 Home Learning is awesome! Well done everyone for producing and sharing the great work you are doing.

Shapetastic Home Learning! Do we have a future engineer or architect in the making?

What lovely letters to receive - thoughtful, full of interest and good use of language. Well done and thank you!

Lovely presentation of Home Learning activities - Values, teamwork and skills combined are exactly what we love at WHA! Really well done!

Year 2 are really showing their hard work and a range of skills with their Home Learning. Well done!

The children were set some work 2Do on Purple mash - 2 Create A Story - and look what brilliance they created!

Now that's what we call a Mother's day gift!

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Great work showing skills and values - well done!

Look how busy we have been with our Home Learning!