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Home Learning Gallery

Week 8 Home Learning Gallery

This week children have been painting, baking and doing lots of great work. We also have a step by step guide on how to grow your own sunflower.

So much great Home Learning in Year 3. Lots of evidence of skills and hard work.

Week 5 Gallery of Home Learning including GCSE maths!!!!

Time, subordinating conjunctions, fact file on the 'The Major Oak' and a lovely self portrait. Amazing work- well done!

Week 4 - Home Learning going well with lots of interesting activities

We are already in Week 3 and the Home Learning is going strong - great work and thanks for sharing everyone!

Eggcellent Easter learning!

Home Learning in week 2 had been amazing. Well done Y3 you are showing lots of skills and talents. Thanks for sharing - we are loving seeing your work!

Home Learning is looking pretty exciting for some!

Fish'n'Daggers Board Game (see the Project Ideas page if you are inspired). This looks a super design - well done!

More hard working Home Learners! Look what amazing things we've been up to.

Someone in Y3 has been busy making incredible baked beetroot brownies, as well as fantastic English and Maths. Wow!

More industrious work going on in Y3 this week - keep it up!

What an incredible start to a story! Well done for creating an exciting introduction that leaves us wanting more ...