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Explore the Arts: Brilliant ideas, information and some games & actvities Lots of good info and ideas e.g. Comic Strip Maker. An old website so some things no longer working


Barefoot Computing

Unplugged activities to do with your family, mini missions and interactive online games.


Get Musical:

Isle of Tune: (Enable Flash in browser)

Incredibox Make amazing tunes with simple loops




Hour of Code

Lots of great tutorials, mostly free and without download or registration.


Project Ideas:

Don't try all of these ideas. Instead choose one and spend some quality learning time to produce something interesting and creative - perhaps 2 or 3 half hour sessions a week. Save your finished work on Purple Mash (if you save in the class folder other class members will be able to see and play your work as well as your teachers). Next week try something different. This page will be updated with more ideas and links so check back from time to time.


  • Collect data - ask a question and collect the information in a tally chart. Use Purple Mash 2Count or 2Graph. What is the most popular animal or favourite crisp flavour in your family? Phone your relatives and grandparents too and include them.


  • Interview! Write down some questions and phone a relative to interview them. Record their answers and make a newspaper report using Purple Mash 2Publish.


  • Use online encyclopedia to research a topic. Make a Purple Mash 2Quiz and test your family - who will get the most answers correct?


  • Learn to code using Purple Mash 2Code - each lesson has video tutorials for each of the 3 or 4 steps: start with number 1 and work through. Chimp: Years 1-2, Gibbon: Years 3-4, Gorilla: Years 5-6. 


  • Animation: Use these links to inspire you. Tell a story or make a dancing pattern. Use Purple Mash 2Animate or a camera, phone and/or tablet and get creative. When you are finished put the pictures together with sound effects and maybe some music.


I have published a video tutorial to help and inspire you to do animation!