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100 Challenges

Here you will find a Lockdown Challenge for you. I would like you to do as many of these as you can - there is no rush as these are activities that are good way to pass the time for any children of your age. 

I would love to here from you to find out how you are going so please do feel free to email me at:


There are 70 activities for you to have a look at which means that there are 30 spaces for me to add ideas of yours so please let me know if you come up with anything - we are trying to make them 'screen free'. 

Have fun!

From Mrs Parmley

1: Help to make your family dinner

2: Bake something new from a recipe

3: Complete a word search

4: Play a board game

10: Tidy the garden

15: Write a diary/journal about your time in lockdown

16: Wash a car

17: Make a card for a friend or family member

23: Keeping fit

29: Invent and then make a boardgame

30: Create a model of a building

39: Do a jigsaw puzzle

42: Take photographs

51: A beautiful letter to the class teacher

53: Create a family tree

58: How wonderful! Making a cup of coffee for parents.

69: Bake a cake and decorate it.