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Key Information


School policies cover every aspect of school life. Below are some of our most important policies for your reference. If you want to know our policy on something that is not listed, please ask the school office. Paper copies are available from the school office.

WHA Policies

  1. Academy cleaning, policy procedures and risk assessment September 2023pdf
  2. Admissions Criteria 2023 to 2024pdf
  3. Anti Bullying Policy 2023 - 2024pdf
  4. Anti-Fraud, Corruption Policy 2023 - 2024pdf
  5. Assessment Policy 2020-2022pdf
  6. Attendance Policy 2024 v2.pdf
  7. WHA Behaviour Regulation and Management Policy 2022-2024 Final V1pdf
  8. Board of Directors Financial Delegation Statement 2021-2022pdf
  9. CCTV Policy September 2023pdf
  10. Charges and Remissions Policypdf
  11. Children with health needs who can not attend school policy 2022-2023pdf
  12. Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy 2023 - 24pdf
  13. Competitive Tendering Policy September 2023pdf
  14. Complaints Policy 2023pdf
  15. Data Protection Policy September 2023pdf
  16. Digital Strategypdf
  17. Early Career Teacher Policy 2023-2024pdf
  18. Early Years Foundation Stage Policy 2020-2022pdf
  19. Educational Visits Policy 2021-2022pdf
  20. Equality and Accessibility Plan 2020 -2023pdf
  21. Equality Objectives Statement 2020pdf
  22. Evacuation Procedures 2021 - 2023pdf
  23. Fire Safety Policy September 2023pdf
  24. Freedom of Information Policy September 2023pdf
  25. First Aid Policy 2022 - 2023pdf
  26. Gifts and Hospitality Policy 2023pdf
  27. Health and Sex Education Policy 2022pdf
  28. Health & Safety Policy September 2023pdf
  29. Home-School Partnership Keeping Things Positive 2023pdf
  30. ICT, Internet and Email Acceptable Use Policy September 2023pdf
  31. Intimate Care Policy 2022-2023pdf
  32. Looked after Children Policy 2023 - 2024pdf
  33. Managing Allegations Against Staff Policy 2021-2023pdf
  34. Modern Slavery Statement September 2023pdf
  35. Online & Digital Safety Policy 2023-2024pdf
  36. Parent withdrawal form from Sex Educationpdf
  37. Privacy notice for job applicants 2023pdf
  38. Privacy notice for parents and carers use of your personal data 2023pdf
  39. Privacy notice for suppliers of goods and services 2023pdf
  40. Privacy notice for staff 2023pdf
  41. Privacy notice for visitor 2023pdf
  42. Relationship Education Policy 2021-2022pdf
  43. Remote Access Policy 2023pdf
  44. SEND Information Report 2022-23pdf
  45. SEND Policy September 2022-2023pdf
  46. Single Equality Policy 2021-2022pdf
  47. Smoke Free Policy September 2023pdf
  48. Social Media Policy September 2023pdf
  49. Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions 2022-23pdf
  50. Suspensions & Exclusions Policy September 2023pdf
  51. Whistle-Blowing Policy 2023pdf
  52. WHA Staff Code of Conduct 2023 - 2024.pdf
  53. Asthma Policy December 2023pdf
  54. Privacy notice for Board Directors, Academy Council members and volunteers 2023pdf