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Have you seen our amazing elephant?
Mental Wellbeing

Have you seen our amazing elephant?

1st October, 2021

Have seen our amazing giant elephant sculpture at the front of the school?


In Year 5, we strongly believe in WHA’s motto, “Every Opportunity Shapes a Life”. Making this wire elephant sculpture gave our pupils the opportunity to blossom in a creative and hands-on activity through Design & Technology. The wire artist, Mr Darcy Turner, supported this view point and he encouraged the children he worked with to, not only design their sculpture, but to also create each separate body part, as well as being actively involved in the final construction. Mr Turner transferred his knowledge, enabled students to make design decisions and encouraged them to apply their newly found skills. Our students came to life under his tutelage which is what we strive for at WHA. The activity brought peace and calm to our students amidst the flurry of activity. The sculpture is not only a reflection of the children’s courage, resilience, teamwork and perseverance but also everything WHA holds dear. We are very proud of what our children have achieved during our very first Wellbeing Day. Next month, Year 5 are holding a competition to name our elephant. 

I hope that you all will be in agreement that this project lives up to our vision  of a school "where every opportunity shapes a life"


Mrs Stuart-William

Year 5 teacher & DT Lead