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As the children’s first 10 by 10 experience, we visited Painshill Park in Surrey. We thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience from getting on the coach in the morning until we returned to the coach after a very exciting day full of fun activities! Our day consisted of the following activities, a walk in the woods on the ‘Christopher Robin trial’ to search for Winne the Pooh. Our walk included climbing up very large hills, spotting landmarks within the park including ‘The Gothic Temple’ and ‘The Ruined Abbey’. We also spotted some frogspawn in the lake and some geese walking in the vineyard. Therefore, the children used their problem solving skills, teamwork skills and observed their surroundings with a range of clues and a map to help us find Winnie the Pooh, who was hiding up in the tree! At lunchtime, we also learn about compositing and we put all our food that would decompose in to a bucket, discussing that this is good for our environment!

We also took part in a ‘Wild Art’ activity. The children searched for natural materials to make their own paint. We searched the meadows and fields to find flowers, leaves, sticks, roots and feathers to use to make our picture. Next, we used clay, mud and our found resources to make water paints to create a giant team collage using all the natural resources. We used feathers and sticks to create marks on the paper to create our very own unique woodland picture!

 In addition, we also took part in ‘Den Building’. We listened carefully to the instructor, who showed us how to safely move around with large and long pieces of wood. We worked in teams to make a strong and waterproof den, we first added sticks on the top and then around the sides. We then tested if our dens were waterproof and some of the children got very wet!

We all had a lovely day at Painshill Park and we were able to implement our school values into all aspects of our school trip!